Our company is built on the premise and knowledge that other businesses, similar to ours, will experience ‘gaps’ in their staffing, controls design, engineering, start-up, integration, commissioning and stand-by support needs.

We strongly believe in the basic principle of economics which clearly shows us that we are all better off working together. We believe in healthy collaboration amongst entities – creating success together.

Our company has the ability to perform its own form of delivery, more importantly however; we have exceptional relationships with several other companies whom work in the same field, across many industries, giving us access to virtually 100’s of engineers with various backgrounds and skills.

Mission Statement


We are the human conductors of process instrumentation – creating the symphony we call factory automation.

Values Statement


RONDO Automation is a socially conscious entity whom holds these values as our foundation:


We believe in open communication, even when it may seem difficult to do so.


  • Being trust worthy and trusting others to be truthful with us.
  • Always doing what is right – which is not always what is easiest.
  • Honesty and being honest – always.
  • Holding ourselves accountable.
  • Doing the right things – Especially when no one else is watching.


Rondo Automation and all of its employees will treat every entity and person we encounter with the utmost regard and the highest respect. We will listen to understand.


Rondo Automation and all of its employees will be grateful for each person and entity we encounter. We will appreciate every opportunity we have to be of service to others.

Human Spirit

Rondo Automation acknowledges the depth and strength of the human spirit – something that has no particular language yet is something we all share. We are all striving to do our best – to create a life that has meaning and value.

Social Consciousness Statement


Rondo Automation is committed to giving back to our communities. Our business is unique in its flow and structure. As such, our employees will have periods of time when they are not working on a project – idle time per se. Each person on our staff has committed to selecting a charitable organization that they will dedicate this time to in support of that organizations mission. As a company, Rondo Automation will work with the employees selected organization to put together actions plans so our employees can be of the most efficient and effective service.