Rondo Automation has a team of engineers whom can create, either out of your companies’ specifications or from ’scratch’, a manufacturing/process controls system to automate everything from a simple machine to a complex manufacturing operation.

Our engineers have experience designing automation in AutoCad and ePlan. We are most familiar with PLC and HMI platforms such as Allen Bradley and Siemens. We also have experience with and the ability to support projects using Beckhoff, Emerson Delta V and many other common DCS platforms.

If your manufacturing process can benefit from data collection and management system to include statistics, recipe control and reporting, our Ignition SCADA development services can easily manage your needs today and well into the future with our highly scalable solutions.



Rondo Automation can assist you with the development of a control system to automate your machine all the way up to designing a controls system to solve your manufacturing process needs.

Our engineers can take your project from an idea to inception and all the way through implementation to final process validation. We can join your project at any stage, becoming a member of your team, making your project a resounding success.

While our team is most experienced with industry standard controls platforms such as Allen Bradley and Siemens, we can develop a controls package solution in nearly any platform you choose.

We will use AutoCad or ePlan to develop your controls solution so the control panels can be built by one of our partner companies or by a company of your choosing.

We will develop the process controls PLC & HMI portion off-site so we can provide you with the most efficient and cost effective on-site start up process.



Rondo Automation has the ability to support your engineering, controls system design and PLC/HMI/SCADA Programming needs either from our office or at your companies office.

We also have the ability to support any on-site services you may need such as providing start-up services, commissioning services, stand-by service, etc.

Whether you just need a few hours of support or need to negotiate a multiple year contract, we are ready to join your team.